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    Nice test.



    I got a unicorn. Hmm…


    "Siren. NO!! I am a dragon and this game is wrong wrong wrong."

    I’m a Angel apparently 

    ha. haha.

    I showed this to my boyfriend and  he said, “I’m a unicorn too, guess where my horn is. :DDD” as a joke. … … …….. I can’t stop laughing. XD

    I thought I was going to get something completely off but… I got a unicorn.

  2. My character in D&D.

    A person here on the tumblrs named Mayia..
    Started a campaign a few days ago, and so far I am pleased.
    Or at least I mean I am having a lot of fun.

    I picked being a druid this time, a big step since usually I enjoy being a sorcerer or wizard.
    But a druid has a fluid connection with animals so I felt like it would be great for me.

    Anyway, I picked a “Custom” race. This race is custom, as I start out cursed.
    Cursed you say? Yes, cursed. I picked High elf but with a curse that has made me have wolf tail and ears. Apparently this curse was already in the campaign so it all worked out. But apparently Men really don’t have this curse or at least in this world it’s VERY unusual.

    How did I then become cursed?
    Well Mayia asked for a back story of my character, which I happily obliged :3
    After she told me that men can get the curse by trying to remove the curse from a woman improperly, I rolled with it.

    When I was a younger elf I lived in a small town in the trees.
    (Most details are done through mayia as she has something setup for it.)
    Well one day my character was stumbling around the forest and finds a woman and a wolf, but the woman does not look normal as she has a tail and ears. As a young elf I did not see this as a curse and neither have any bad motive toward a person who would have it. As by this world people with this curse are hated.

    I walk to the woman and I talk with her, for six years I come to the forest to talk with my older friend. (I am 80, but elves have a mental state and appearance of 12 year olds at that age)
    Through these six years the woman tells me about herself, but nothing of the curse.
    And this point I should say that the curse is shown by having a bell with a ribbon attached to the woman’s neck.
    I asked her about it and she said it was important and should not be taken off.
    More story about the curse, On woman it materializes as a ribbon and bell around the neck, and has to be removed by someone that has the knowledge to do so. if removed incorrectly, well…
    So, near the end of the sixth year I was followed.
    I was followed by a elf of the same age.
    After he saw me speak to a “cursed” he ran back to the village and the elder gathered some of the villagers and they found us. They didn’t seem to care about me too much, but in front of me they were trying to take her away. I couldn’t let that happen, but I was weak not even enough training to call myself a druid. But I would try anyway, I reach to grab her and her being forced away I accidentally grabbed the necklace and a villager punted me in the stomach and continued on. My parents came with the mob so they were sad to see this happen and they came to my aid.
    The people have left but I am riving in pain and I feel like something is moving inside my flesh..
    Another bit about the curse.
    When a Male tries to remove a necklace from a woman improperly the woman and man shall receive great amounts of pain throughout their bodies. And then the curse is transferred to a male.
    But instead of a necklace, The bell is Embedded in the males body and a tattoo of a ribbon above it in the flesh.
    My parents help me home as I struggle in pain. 
    when walking through the village we stop and my parents stare at a crowd.
    I look up and the crowd was around my friend and the elder.
    I stare and eventually see my friends execution a slow and painful death being eaten alive by wild creatures, Still riling in pain and now anger with a strong sadness. I was overcame with a bloodust but was too weak to even walk myself. My parent eventually get me home and discover I have a ribbon tattoo on the top of my spine, A bell has infused itself inside my spine…

    My parents are loving and do not care even when they see wolf ears form  from my elf ears and move to atop of my head and a tail comes from my lower back. They are loving and just try to help me the best they can, helping through the pain was my mother as she was a healer and knows spells to help the pain.

    My father purchases me a cloak to hide myself when in the village.
    My father loved me, and found the best robe he could and hugged me as he put it on.

    Days later I walk out into the village and people not even knowing that I have the curse throw rocks at me saying I was evil for affiliating with a cursed. My blood lust laying dormant as I am still weak and I wish not of my family any harm. The rocks did not hurt much compared to the emotions of loosing a friend and the robe my father gave was thick and made of good cloth not easily ripped and the warmth of his hug somehow still wrapped around me.

    I get to a school of sorts, and the boy that turned me and my friend in is there I tried my best to ignore my inner feelings but I could not as he and others of our age begin to beat me up and no one paying mind as I was affiliated with the cursed.
    I get back up to fight not even caring if I kill them or not. but as My anger flares. My newly acquired ears perk and combined with me standing up my hood flies off.
    Mortified the boys run from me, I knew this was the end. I had to run to my family. Close behind I here people running, I get to my family and tell them what happened but there was little time to escape, the villagers were here..
    They try to take me but my parents stand in the way saying They will not let them touch me, but as soon as the last word is uttered I see two knives slash across their necks. They fall, gasping for air but instead of air the breath is full of blood. Terrified I run out the back as the people who have done this are grabbing for me.

    I escape into the forest, running and running.. running away from my memories. The wolf that had been given to me a week before his masters death is following me and soon runs by my side. I run for what feels like forever, until.. my wolf companion now runs in front of me and stops.
    Taking guard as he senses something.
    Two woman appear from the brush and ask me why I am crying, I touch my face and I feel tears. but I don’t remember why I was crying.. 
    Everything was blank I could only remember my name and my wolf companions name.

    I respond, I do not know, I tell them I have no memory of my past and have no where to go too. one of them figure that I am a druid in training do to my companion so she teaches me. Upon noticing my “curse” they have no reaction to this. but tell me the history of it as even I do not realize I am cursed. They tell me everything I need to know.and Living in the forest made it to where I do not need to worry about who I was. I could be free to roam and play as well as practicing my druid nature.

    The people taking care of me are human though and do not live long but raise me to a young adult in elf time. I am accepting of their deaths.
    and I go out into the world trying to find my own way now. knowing I am hated but accepting of it. My past is a mystery and the only way to remember it is to go back to that city.
    But it might bring out a Different side of me. Because of now I act good in nature, But what would happen if I were to regain the bloodlust I had forgotten?

    Over these years I gain facial hair, something a elf cannot do. but Since I was a cursed.. I grew hair in places a human would. this making me less appealing as I was strongly different from other elves.

    But this is the end of my history and I cannot wait for my character to find it.

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    I have some free time so I animated Katara waterbending

    (via mayiamarutalk)

  4. Another reoccurring dream

    I just had a dream..
    A dream I haven’t had for many years…

    It was different, like the one before, I Can barely remember the first of the 3
    I remember a more beautiful road of which I live the greenery is bright
    and lush.
    I am walking down the road and enjoying myself, until a speeding truck comes by
    I am walking in the road because there is no side walks in this little hollow.
    I manage to get out of the way and up on the side of the hill.
    I see the old yet new looking truck pass by..
    It drops crates.
    I pick them up and carry them home to the front of the driveway.
    The first box.
    I opened the first box.

    Sadly I cannot remember the opening of the second.
    But this night I remember opening the Third…

    I’m at the bottom of the driveway again.

    The scenery is, beautiful. Nothing like how it is in the real world.
    there is snow in the valley yet it is warm, there is lush green grass on the hillsides
    The forest looks tamed but wild.

    The mailbox is at the end of the driveway I stop here and I see the crates
    Two are open, Then I opened a third.
    The crates were formed as five on bottom, two on top.
    7 crates.

    The one ontop that is open is random anime and art.
    The one to the bottom right is full of black and white flags.
    The one on the bottom left, inside is a minature olden house room.

    Then something.. Terriffying happened.
    I heard loud beats of metal hitting over and over.
    Like a thousand people hitting metal with all there might.
    With this noise I hear 20 dogs barking.
    I try to take a picture of the crates but was to scared to do it fast enough.
    I start to run up our long driveway and then my mind told me what the banging was.

    it was the nieghbors dogs fighting each other. and the metal was them hitting against it.
    or.. the dogs getting killed by one another and thrown against the wall.

    I started getting very scared.

    I finally make it to my yard and I see Shyanne. (My dog)
    She looks normal as always in her fenced area jumping up and down wanting to play.
    then.. as I am still scared.
    I begin to walk into my home but.. My head turns without me wanting it.
    I look at shyanne standing in her lot and her head… Her head starts moving in impossible ways.
    her eyes are dead. Her mouth broken.. and bleeding.
    She snarls at me and then…
    I walk inside.

    Crate dream 3..

  5. "Love is stronger than trust, you should never “Trust someone”
    Because trust can be lost and may cause bad feelings between people.
    But if you love someone, A mistake they may have made is always forgivable. Which will give peace.
    Because if you truly forgive someone, you can move on.
    Love is not a word just to say to family or a life partner,
    But to Everyone."

    My father making my brain hurt.
    but somehow making sense.
  6. Remind me to NEVER check messages in Tumblr Mobile..
    It just eats them…

    Was about to respond to a message, then I accidentally backed out of the post. Guess what? you now have a invisible message.

    You will forever have a message… yet you cannot see it.

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    i’m sorry i didn’t realize we still live in the stone ages

    <Normal for us people with le slow internet~

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  8. Update Post


    (◕▽◕)… I have become obsessed by D&D. I only started it a few weeks ago, and damn it, I’m already learning how to DM. I haven’t even started a campaign of my own, but I’m preparing one and I’m having a blast with it~ I only really take breaks to whine about things I need to do, to eat,…

    Lol , love ya Onesan!

  9. casynuf:

    eleanorappreciates ‘s pretty Mod kitty

    Very good~
    I’ve always wondered Casynuf, Have you considered writing visual novels or comics?

    Call me a sucker but, I’ve always enjoyed your art and wondered if you have done such things. So there by me having more of your amazing work to look at. ;-)


    Paper Model of Level 3 Sentry Gun from Team Fortress 2

    By JNorad

  10. (Source: art-everything)

  11. gamercrunch:

    Saints Row 2 - Alternate Artwork

  12. squirrelydicks:

    My updated collection of N64 games :)


    My first ever challah: before and after! Looks pretty good, but the real test will be when I taste it! 

    Hm, I remember when I first made some..
    It tasted terrible!
    Apparently the yeast went bad xD

    But all is well. the next one was amazing!

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